Testimonials | Adrian Gray Ministries


Dr Andrew Evans

Dr Andrew Evans OAM

Former President Australian Christian Churches, Former MLC South Aust Government

Adrian & Kathy Gray are visionary church builders, who through their faith have made a remarkable impact on church life in Australia.  Their ministry over 50 years has seen them raise up 9 churches including Mount Annan Church a very large regional fellowship as well as 5 satellite churches.

They established a K-12 Christian School with 650 students, a highly regarded Community Service Programme to the local community, overseas ministry involving humanitarian aid & orphanages in Asia & Africa & preached in 25 nations.

They saw a remarkable move of God for 8 years in Mount Annan Church, with thousands touched by God, many healed & miracles of finance & other supernatural manifestations in their midst.

As mentors, church builders & visionaries they have much to offer local churches around the world.

I highly recommend them to the body of Christ.

Simon McIntyre

Pastor Simon McIntyre

BTh, Founding member of C3 Oxford Falls, Secretary of C3 Global Office, C3 Europe Overseer.

Adrian and Kathy Gray are spoken for in the highest of terms by the outcome of years of faithful and valuable service to Christ and His Church. Their lives are exemplary in the fields of family, marriage, business, church leadership and development. I know their family and church well.

Both accomplished speakers, they have a welcomed prophetic edge to their preaching that is spiritual and at the same time eminently practical.

As a team they built a church of significance in the south western environs of Sydney. Having outlasted their critics and opposition they went on to build a magnificent school and church that itself has planted other churches in the state.

Kathy has had and continues to have an expansive heart and vision of Asia, Africa, China and Israel. She is every bit the go getter as her husband.

On a visit to the Silverwater campus of C3 Oxford Falls, Adrian spoke in a way that left an indelible sense of promise and expectation in the church. I still consider it a milestone in the progress of our church campus.

They come with my heartiest recommendation.

Steve & Ros Lazar

Steve and Ros Lazar

Directors Zimpeto Children's Centre and Bible School -Iris Ministries Mozambique, Africa

My wife and I have known Adrian and Kathy for over 30 years. During this time we have grown to both love and honour them as close friends and as 'heroes in the faith'

From the days Mount Annan church began, through the 90's and the 'revival' years, and as they passed on their thriving church to their son, there is something unique about this couple.

We meet lots of pastors and leaders and 'famous' people -yet Adrian and Kathy are humble, ordinary folk who walk with an authority and passion for Jesus and the lost and broken. Their church may have a 'name on the billboard' but they have always ministered to the Body of Christ all over the world.
In all these years we have never been 'members' of their church but they have always welcomed and honoured us and even shared the 'peppermints' on the front row!!

Adrian and Kathy truly know the 'joy of the Lord is their strength' -after a meal or watching the footy or after a service you feel uplifted and ready to face the battle. They have an amazing gift of lifting others up and seeing them reach their potential in God.

Since 2001 Kathy, Adrian and those from their church have visited us in the mission field of Mozambique more than15 times -always bringing gifts, the love of Jesus, the Word of God and a love for the poor. Pastors, leaders, youth, missionaries and those from the street and garbage dump love when they minister and we have seen many come to know Jesus.

They have invited youth and refugees to Australia to preach and share in their church.  Adrian and Kathy have made a profound difference in our lives and it is a pleasure to write this testimonial for them.  The good thing is, 'God has not finished with them yet'

Claude Carello

Pastor Claude Carello

Senior Minister C3 Church Rockingham WA

The first time I heard Adrian minister the gospel it was obvious that God had graced him with a spirit of faith and the ability to impart gifts into the church. Adrian carries a strong fathering spirit that is rare in our modern church world. With more than 50 years of local church experience and a heart to build local churches globally it would seem both Adrian and Kathy are coming into their most fruitful season of ministry. 

Adrian has spoken at international conferences, for my spiritual father in South Africa and in our local church. We are looking forward to annual ministry from Adrian and Kathy as we move toward our 2020 vision.

I highly recommend Adrian and Kathy Gray and the ministry they bring to local churches. As well as excellent ministry to the church in services their ministry to pastors and leaders will be of incredible value. Where ever they go they will raise standards and increase faith.