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Adrian & Kathy Gray

Adrian & Kathy Gray are without doubt two of Australia's foremost Christian leaders.

They are not only great preachers of the Word but they have lived it for the 53 years of their married life. This is evident in their family of four married children and 12 grandchildren. They have successfully raised their children to become strong and committed servants of God that are helping build His kingdom in areas of influence.

With over 50 years of ministry experience they have planted seven churches, and until 2009 were the pioneers and senior ministers of the internationally recognised Mount Annan Church for 34 years, overseeing its growth from a congregation of less than 20 to over 1000 members.

They provided leadership and oversight to this thriving contemporary church in South Western Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. During that time as senior ministers they took major ground for the Kingdom establishing the main church, planting 5 satellite churches (having also planted a further two churches prior to Mount Annan), an incredible Christian bookshop in the market-place, developing one of the most respected community services organisations in the community, founded one of the most dynamic K -12 Christian schools in the country and for a period conducted a VETAB accredited full-time Bible College.

During the nineteen nineties Adrian and Kathy led their church through an amazing move of God, ministering to hundreds of pastors and thousands of visitors who came to meet with God and receive a refreshing touch of His presence and power. That decade was marked by amazing miracles of physical and spiritual healing, salvations and incredible supernatural manifestations of God's power.

Amongst many things, spear-headed by Adrian and Kathy, Mount Annan Church has been renowned for its forward thrust into the nations in the realm of missions. They have led conferences and seminars, supported orphanages and trained hundreds of workers to take the Gospel to the nations on short term basis.

They have extensive business knowledge and ran a successful building company whilst pioneering the church, thus giving them a wealth of knowledge that assisted them in the physical construction of their church and school on their beautiful 37 acre property. This knowledge has been of huge value in leading the church and helping other business people in their vocations.

Adrian Gray - OAM, BTh

Pastor Adrian is an outstanding leader and visionary who has an amazing capacity to speak the truth into the lives of men and women of all ages, cultures and backgrounds and to inspire them to believe in the miracles and faithfulness of God. He is a man of great faith and is a sought after speaker nationally and internationally and has travelled to dozens of nations, preaching in large and small gatherings all over the earth.

When he ministers there is a great sense of the Presence of God. His ability to communicate is outstanding, leaving you inspired and encouraged. He loves people, loves church and is particularly passionate about the power and Presence of God.

He enjoys power boats, motor bikes and travel and is full of energy and enthusiasm. Wherever he ministers reports always follow that miracles happen - people and churches are changed, encouraged, empowered and 'set on fire'. There is no doubt that you will be incredibly impacted by his ministry.

Kathy Gray - BTh

With over 50 years ministry experience Kathy is not only a major source of support for Adrian but is a minister in her own right. She is a shining example of generosity, consistency and commitment and an excellent role model for wives, mothers, leaders and ministers all over the globe.

Kathy is a gifted preacher and teacher who, like Adrian, has ministered throughout the world in many different nations.

She has a great passion to see people's lives changed and made successful by the power of the Word of God. When she speaks, truth is imparted and wisdom bestowed. One of her real joys in life is to take teams of people to other nations empowering them with 'hands on' experiences amongst the poor and needy, orphans and widows. She has braved the mission field many times and has incredible stories to tell of daring pursuits through strange places to bring the gospel to the lost!

She is a woman who loves life... a good book, some culture, style and a bit of adventure and fun!

Her greatest desire is to live her life in such a way that will make a difference in the lives of multitudes of people around the world, seeing them come into the Kingdom of God and loving her Saviour Jesus Christ.